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Making Contributions to STAF

The STAF project accepts contributions such as software, documentation, and/or other materials that enhance or extend the STAF project. Feedback and contributions from the community are the indispensable, invaluable resource that will ensure the project's continued success. Please help to improve some aspect of STAF; no improvement is too small or too simple!

If you would like to contribute back to the STAF community, please use the patch tracker to submit a patch. When submitting a patch, please include the following:

  • The patch file(s) containing your contribution
  • The appropriate Statement of Origin below
  • A description of the functionality you are contributing
  • The version of STAF used to create your patch. Also, if the patch is relevant to one or more external STAF services, provide the version of the service(s) used to create your patch.
Your contribution will be licensed under the EPL (Eclipse Public License), the license used for the STAF project. The license has been approved by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) as a fully certified open source license.

All contributions, except minor bug fixes, must include one of the Statements of Origin below. Insert your name(s) in the first blank(s) and a high-level summary in the blank in a(i). Examples of a high-level summary are "Added a new Upgrade service", "Fixed a bug in the Process service", or "Added a new email STAX extension".

If your contribution is owned by your employer, someone authorized by your employer to make such a decision must add a comment to the patch in the tracker stating that you have permission to contribute it subject to the license terms of the STAF project.

Statement of Origin: Single Contributor   Multiple Contributors

If you have a question on the contribution policy, send an email to

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