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HTTP Service History

History Log for HTTP Service  
   - Fixes
   + Features
   = Internal changes
   * Changes required to migrate from one release to another

  1) To get more information on each bug, use the following url, replacing
     Ticket# with the Bug#:
     For example, to get more information on Bug #2982317, go to:
  2) To get more information on each feature, use the following url, replacing
     Ticket# with the Feature#:
     For example, to get more information on Feature #1867258, go to:
  3) If you specify an old ticket number (i.e. created before June 2013 when
     the STAF project was upgraded to the new SourceForge developer platform),
     you'll be automatically redirected to the link with the new ticket number.


Version 3.0.4: 12/09/2011

  - Added documentation for the HELP and VERSION options to the HTTP Service
    User's Guide (Bug #3426508)
  + Changed to use the IGNOREERRORS option when resolving STAF variables in the
    CONTENT option for DOPOST and REQUEST METHOD requests so that strings
    containing an unescaped { that does not denote a STAF variable do not cause
    an error (Feature #3426518) 


Version 3.0.3: 09/28/2011

  + Added basic HTTP Proxy support for a session (Feature #3402054)


Version 3.0.2: 12/15/2009

  - Improved error messages for invalid command requests and added exception
    catching when handling a service request (Bug #2895347)


Version 3.0.1: 09/24/2008

  - Updated the HTTP Service User's Guide in the "Request Management" section
    by removing an invalid sentence regarding the HEADER option (Bug #1998939)
  - Fixed a NullPointerException in WebSession.setCurrentContents() at line 527
    (Bug #2012777)
  - Added support for handling escaped-encoded urls by adding an ENCODED option
    for REQUEST, DOPOST, and DOGET requests (Bug #2016140)
  - Fixed a problem where closing a HTTP session didn't close the socket -- it
    left the socket in a CLOSE_WAIT state (Bug #2035310)
  - Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in SessionList.findID() at line 118
    (Bug #2043371)


Version 3.0.0: 06/20/2008

  + Changed STAF license from the Common Public License (CPL) 1.0 to the
    Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0 (Feature #1893042)
  - Fixed a problem where the temporary session file(s) were not always cleaned
    up when closing a session (Bug #1917494)
  + Changed the makefile to dynamically create the MANIFEST.MF file for the
    HTTP service (Feature #1013104)
  - Fixed an OutOfMemoryError that could occur when getting a large file
    containing non-HTML data, such as a zip file, by changing to only parse the
    content if the Content-Type header specifies "text/html" (Bug #1931428)
  + Added the ability to set whether to parse content as HTML for a session
    (Feature #1933723)
  + Updated to use Commons HttpClient V3.1 (Feature #1737408)

Version 3.0.0 Beta 13: 10/08/2007

  - Fixed a RC 38 (HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR) error parsing XHTML documents
    (Bug #1498524)
  - Fixed HTTP makefile compile problem (Bug #1776446)
  + Updated to use Commons HttpClient V3.0.1 and Commons Logging V1.1
    (Feature #1737408)  


Version 3.0.0 Beta 12: 07/12/2006

  - Fixed a problem in the LIST LINKS request where the link name was not being
    assigned correctly (Bug #1407710)
  + Updated to use CyberNeko HTML Parser V0.9.5 and Commons HttpClient V3.0
    (Feature #1415860)
  - Fixed NullPointerException that can occur in an HTTP DOGET request when
    a IOException occurs and added Java stack trace to result (Bug #143980)
  - Fixed OutOfMemoryError on HTTP DOGET/REQUEST/DOPOST, etc. request for large
    files (Bug #1398674)
  - Fixed a memory leak in the HTTP service (Bug #1431051)
  - Updated to not use APIs deprecated in HTTPClient V3 (Bug #1491912)
  - Fixed a RC 38 error for a LIST SESSIONS and QUERY SESSION request if a
    problem occurs getting a session's title (Bug #1498524)  


Version 3.0.0 Beta 11: 12/07/2005

  - Fixed a problem when using the FILE option on a request such as DOGET
    where the result stored in the specified file is corrupted (Bug #1375570)

Version 3.0.0 Beta 10: 09/29/2005

  + Provided the ability to mask passwords and other sensitive data
    (Feature #622392)
  + Updated to require STAF V3.1.0 or later using the new compareSTAFVersion()
    method since utilizing new privacy methods (Feature #1292268)  

Version 3.0.0 Beta 9: 05/25/2005

  - Fixed Null Pointer Exception using CONTENTFILE option (Bug #1193873)
  + Provided better support for relative URLs (Feature #1013094)

Version 3.0.0 Beta 8: 04/23/2005

  - Improved error message provided for RC 25 (Access Denied) for all requests
    (Bug #1054858) 
  - Changed to use STAFUtil's common resolve variable methods (Bug #1151440)
  - Changed to use STAF's temporary directory to store temporary files
    created by the HTTP service
  - Fixed problem submitting forms with an INPUT FILE control type
    (Bug #1155345)
  - Change to determine session owner using STAF instance UUID (Bug #1157057)
  - Changed license from GPL to CPL for all source code (Bug #1149491) 
  - Fixed Java ClassCastException querying a form by index (Bug #1170178)  
  - Updated to use CyberNeko HTML Parser V0.9.4 and Commons HttpClient V3.0-RC2
    (Bug #1188680)

Version 3.0.0 Beta 7: 12/13/2004

  + Removed the quotes and commas from the verbose output for STAF command
    line output (Feature #550251)

Version 3.0.0 Beta 6: 11/19/2004

  - Removed line separators from message text to display better
  - Fixed typo in HTTP Service Guide to reference the right jar file name

Version 3.0.0 Beta 5: 10/30/2004

  + Changed to return STAFResult from init/term methods (Feature #584049)
  + Updated to marshall multi-valued results from LIST, QUERY, REQUEST,
    DOPOST, DOGET, SUBMIT FORM, and FOLLOW LINK requests (Feature #740150)
  + Changed to use new STAFServiceInterfaceLevel30 (Feature #550251)


Version 3.0.0 Beta 4: 09/29/2004

  = Switched code base for non-session requests to use a temporary session
  - Fixed TRACE request behavior to display response message body in 
    non-session requests
  - Fixed 404 behavior now return rc 4404 as documentation indicates
  + Added session support (Feature #1004825)
  + Added SSL support (Feature #1004825)
  + Added Basic, Digest, and NTLM Authentication support (Feature #1004825)
  + Added Session persistant headers (Feature #1004825)
  + Added Cookie support (Feature #1004825)
  + Added PARAMETER option to provide support for method parameters 
    (Feature #1011721)
  + Added CONTENTFILE option to improve multi-file post support 
    (Feature #1011721)
  + Added form manipulation support (Feature #1004825)
  + Added link folllowing support  (Feature #1004825)


Version 3.0.0 Beta 3: 06/28/2004

  - Changed to return new RC 4004 (IO Exception) instead of RC 38 (Java error)
    when a Java IOException occurs due to not being able to find the page
    requested for REQUEST/DOPOST/DOGET requests.  Also, added code to 
    unregister all HTTP return codes with the HELP service when the HTTP
    service is terminated. (Bug #944926)
  + Added un-register of the service handle during term() (Feature #966079)


Version 3.0.0 Beta 2: 04/29/2004

  + Updated to use STAFServiceInterfaceLevel5, only supported in STAF V3.0.0
    (Feature #464843) 


Version 1.0.5: 02/27/2004

  + Instrumented the HTTP service's handling of REQUEST/DOPOST/DOGET requests
    to record diagnostics data to help prepare for the migration to STAF V3.0.
    The HTTP service requires STAF V2.6.0 or later as a result of this change.
    (Feature #853620)  


Version 1.0.4: 10/09/2003

  - Fixed problem where HTTP was returning an incorrect error message when
    receiving an invalid command request (Bug #820920)


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