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Download Services for STAF V2

STAF V2 customers -- Time to move ahead!

End of service for all STAF V2 releases was April 21, 2006. As of April 21, 2006, we no longer fix bugs in STAF V2 and do not plan to release any new versions of STAF V2 (though we will continue to try to answer STAF V2 questions). We recommend that you migrate to STAF V3 at your earliest convenience. STAF V3 has significant changes from STAF V2. If you are currently using STAF V2, be sure to read the STAF V3 Migration Guide to understand changes that you will have to make to migrate from STAF V2 to STAF V3.

The latest releases of services for STAF V2 can be downloaded from this page. If you want to download services for STAF V3, go to the Download Services for STAF V3" page instead. Earlier releases of services can be accessed from the "See All Releases" page.

Note: Only versions of external services earlier than V3 can be used with STAF V2.

  • Cron Service (Version 1.2.6)
  • Email Service (Version 1.1.6)
  • Event Service (Version 1.3.5)
  • EventManager Service (Version 1.2.7)
  • FSExt Service (Version 1.2.4)
  • HTTP Service (Version 2.0.4)
  • NamedCounter Service (Version 1.2.1)
  • SXE Service (Version 2.1.3)
  • Timer Service (Version 1.1.1)
  • Cron Service Version 1.2.6

    The Cron service allows you to register STAF commands that will be executed at a specified time interval.

    FileFile Size
    CronV126.tar 1.4 M 1.3 M
    Cron Service User's Guide (V126)
    Cron Service History

    Email Service Version 1.1.6

    The Email service will send an email message to a list of recipients.

    FileFile Size
    EmailV116.tar 20 kb 6 kb
    Email Service User's Guide (V116)
    Email Service History

    Event Service Version 1.3.5

    The Event service provides an interface to allow process communication based on events occuring.

    FileFile Size
    EventV135.tar 70 kb 32 kb
    Event Service User's Guide (V135)
    Event Service History

    EventManager Service Version 1.2.7

    The EventManager service allows you to register with the Event Service in order to execute STAF Commands.

    FileFile Size
    EventManagerV127.tar 1.4 M 1.3 M
    EventManager Service User's Guide (V127)
    EventManager Service History

    FSExt Service Version 1.2.4

    The FSExt service provides some tools to perform extended file system requests.

    FileFile Size
    FSExtV124.tar 41 kb 18 kb
    FSExt Service User's Guide (V124)
    FSExt Service History

    HTTP Service Version 2.0.4

    The HTTP service provides the ability to quickly and easily make HTTP requests.

    FileFile Size
    HTTPV204.tar 1.6 M 1.5 M
    HTTP Service User's Guide (V204)
    HTTP Service History

    NamedCounter Service Version 1.2.1

    The NamedCounter service provides the ability to dynamically manage counters based on a name.

    FileFile Size
    NamedCounterV121.tar 20 kb 8 kb
    NamedCounter Service User's Guide (V121)
    NamedCounter Service History

    SXE Service Version 2.1.3

    The STAF eXecution Engine (SXE) service allows the user to sequentially execute any number of STAF commands.

    FileFile Size
    SXEV213.tar 31 kb 13 kb
    SXE Service User's Guide (V213)
    SXE Service History

    Timer Service Version 1.1.1

    The Timer service allows a process on one machine to periodically receive a notification message from the same or another machine.

    FileFile Size
    TimerV111.tar 51 kb 29 kb
    Timer Service User's Guide (V111)
    Timer Service History

        Last modified: July 15 2014 20:51:24.